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We provide consulting, website design, systems design, and software development to a variety of industries.  

Our main focus is database design and rapid application development using Clarion and Clarion.Net with MSSQL for Microsoft Windows platforms.

Our Experience

Over 30 years experience in Systems Design and Software Development on multiple platforms, including IBM mainframes, minicomputers, personal computers, and mobile devices.

Database experience includes DB2, MSSQL, Betrieve, Access, dBase and various ISAM and flat file designs.

Computer language base consists of 370/Assembler, Cobol, Fortran, PL/1, Pascal, FoxPro, x86 Assembly, Access, C, C++, C#, VB.net, Clarion.net and Clarion for Windows.

System design and programming experience in the Financial, Warehouse, Retail, Educational, Government, and Non-Profit industries.

Recent retail product developments include:

The World Trade Atlas
, a product of Global Trade Information Services, Inc.

for additional information, please contact:

George C. "Skip" Williams, CCP

email: skip@60software.com


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